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What Really Happened at Noccalula Falls?
It's impossible to visit the Lookout Mountain region of Alabama without encountering the tired tale of "Princess Noccalula", a legendary Cherokee maiden who committed suicide at Noccalula Falls, over the Black Creek ravine, at some unspecified point in American history. The story is a typical "Lover's Leap" tale, complete with romance, competition, and-- finally-- a hysterical suicide at one of Alabama's most beautiful natural landmarks.

Gadsden locals repeat the story to children, distant cousins, and Gadsden's occasional tourists. The story is so prevalent that it pervades the local consciousness: the legend of Noccalula is accepted faultlessly as historical fact. Before each miniature train-ride through the park, a "conductor" recites the tale, varying it only to change her lovers' tribe from "Creek" to "Choctaw" every few weeks, and concludes that "historians now know that it actually happened". Park visitors are left feeling saddened and inspired. A few put coins into the "Indian Princess Fortune Teller" machine: a robotic contraption that promises to reveal your future for a charge of fifty cents.

Kitsch aside, the Legend of Noccalula is alluring. But did it actually happen? And why does it ultimately matter? Find out about the real history of Noccalula Falls.

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The Truth About the Noccalula Falls Legend ...
The Truth About the Noccalula Falls Legend
... and why it matters to you.